Our Vision
Skills and commitment are our key priorities

"Nothing is better than getting things done", this is what Erich Kastner declared as the maxim of ethical principles, and for us this is the foundation of our daily activity, and the reason for our economic success. We are successful because of our products.

That is why, above all, we are always interested in these practical questions:

  • What do our customers want?
  • What skills do our employees have?
  • What can our products offer?

The Customers
We work in partnership with our customers at all levels. The demands of our customers will stimulate us to continuously achieve improvement.

The employees
We are goal orientated. Suggestions will be discussed with our employees in an active and open manner. We succeed by the advancement of all employees and their commitment to the goals of the business.

The organisation
Our organisation is transparent and flexible. So we can immediately adjust to the changing needs of the market.

Handling Change
We understand the dynamics of change and see it as a challenge and an opportunity.

We continuously improve our existing products and manufacturing processes. We are constantly developing innovative products and state of the art production methods.

We continually optimise all our working processes and put great emphasise on the economical use of finite resources.

Our responsibility
We want to be recognised as a successful member of the Coats Group. Thus we act in a responsible way to employees, society, state and the environment.