Special zip fasteners for shoes
Opti zips for shoes and boots

For special applications you need a purpose built zip fastener. The zip fasteners shown below have been specifically designed to meet the demands of the end use.


S 60 shoe closed end

Welded top tape end (= 0 mm)

Flat wire tops stops

Special flat spiral from Opti S-Technology

Spiral with 8 woven in warp threads for increased resistance to wear.

Low profile components



S 60 shoe closed end with user friendly "Stitchline""



Ultrasonically welded plastic top and bottom stops

"Stitch Line" to help insertion.



S60 shoe closed end "coated"


Hot melt adhesive coating for welding zip fastener into shoe



S 60 shoe closed end "curved"

Pre-set curve to match the shoe profile
Supplied in pairs (1x left and 1x right)