Special zip fasteners with guaranteed interchangeability
Opti zips with the function "open end interchangeable"

For special applications you need a purpose built zip fastener. The zip fasteners shown below have been specifically designed to meet the demands of the end use.

Zip A
Zip B
Zip AB
Zip BA


If an open end zip is separated, and there is no guarantee the original halves will be brought back together again, then a special zip fastener is required - an "open end interchangeable".

An open end interchangeable zip fastener is made by using special continuous chain. Every metre of the zip fastener must have an exact number of members. Also, every zip fastener of a specific length must have the same number of members. Only by these means can the interchangeability of the zip fasteners be guaranteed.

This special system, developed by Opti, guarantees that even after several years a replacement zip fastener will fit the original. We offer open end interchangeable zip fasteners in Opti-lon S 60, Opti-lon S 80 and Opti-Profile P 60. On request it is also available in continuous chain.

Sample applications:

  • Covers for mattresses
  • Expandable systems such as buggies
  • Optional equipments in the automotive industry
  • Separable sleeves or linings as well as hoods for jackets
  • Spare parts, e.g. doors for tents
  • Lengthening systems, e.g. air intakes
  • Manufacturing processes where zip fastener halves are used in different locations.
  • Expandable tarpaulins… - no borders for the imagination!