Opti-lon® Spiral zip fasteners
Available Spiral zip fastener types from Opti

Opti-lon is the world leader in producing woven spiral zip fasteners. Woven S products are made in one continuous process from high quality yarns and monofilaments on special automatic machines. The result, zip fasteners that set new standards for strength and durability. Opti-lon also manufactures a separate group of S products for invisible applications.

Opti-lon spiral zip fasteners are manufactured in 4 different spiral sizes and available as standard and special types. Opti-lon spiral zips have universal appeal and suitable for a wide range of applications in the textile and clothing industry. For example, women's outer wear, men's ready-made garments, baby and children's clothing as well as leisure wear, working apparel and sport clothing. Further areas of use are upholstery, bedlinen, mattresses, shoes, tents and camping gear. The following products are available:

Opti-lon® S 40 4mm spiral width
Opti-lon® S 43 4mm spiral width
Opti-lon® S 44 4mm spiral width
Opti-lon® S 50 5mm spiral width
Opti-lon® S 60 6mm spiral width
Opti-lon® S 80 8mm spiral width